Bened is a decentralized cryptocurrency with an eco-friendly way of mining for each holder. Achieving the consensus of a decentralized network and the integrity of the blockchain is achieved through advanced developments of Soldo Constant LTD.

Bened is a blockchain platform for decentralized storage of recorded events. Events are loaded by burning BND coins in the proportion of 10BND per 1 kilobyte of event information.
Bened is an open source peer-to-peer proof-of-time stake cryptocurrency. The advanced Bened proof-of-timestake algorithm is an impeccable implementation of the "age of the coin" concept, resistant to all possible attacks on the blockchain in order to falsify transactions and generate new coins. The total number of available coins is distributed in the genesis account in the form of a negative balance of anti-coins. The Curve25519 hybrid cryptography system with SHA256 hashing algorithms is used. The average block generation speed is 60 seconds. Transactions are considered safe after 10 confirmations.