Bened AirDrop Guideline

Bened AirDrop is a free distribution of coins on the principle of a win-win lottery.
Bened coins are distributed as vouchers.
The distribution of BND coins is carried out through Telegram bot system.
To participate in AirDrop, you will need a Telegram account and a work email..

Quick Start

10 min separates you from 1 voucher to your own bot.
12-level partners program
Get 1 voucher for each new Bot connection, up to 12 levels of followers.
Personal Voucher Bot
You can create a personal Telegram bot that will automatically distribute vouchers to your friends.
Vouchers denomination
  • 0.95 BND
  • 2 BND
  • 10 BND
  • 100 BND
  • 1000 BND
  • They are sent by e-mail for creating your own bot and sending it to your contacts.
  • For each new connection of the bot, up to 12 levels of followers.
  • The more activations you have, the higher the chance to win more vouchers.
How It Works
Open Telegram
Get 1st voucher
Create own bot
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