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Blockchain Bened allows you to upload and store files containing significant information about the event and the author's data.

Bened Hash

To upload the event, Bened coins are used as fuel in the proportion of 10BND per 1kb of uploaded event information. In this way the Bened coins are effectively burned.
According to the roadmap, the release of the first native application from the BenedHash series will be published in 2024.
Upload event files
Set analog file signatures
Indicate participants of the event no more than 600 entries
Specify a hashtag to quickly search for the desired event categories
Choose whether your entry will be public or anonymous.

Bened Hash

I`d like to tell you about what I think is important in our present, in the current 21st century.

I mean blockchain!
The president

Bened Hash

In very simple words, blockchain is data warehouse, a kind of digital notebook in which records are immutable due to a unique encryption mechanism. Any record or event entered into this notebook remains there forever, in its original form. They just cannot be faked or deleted.
So why is this so important?

Bened Hash

Do you know what is the most important thing for me?

For me, the main thing is memory, the past. Because the past, is the beginning of the present. Any future is just impossible without the past. In my family, for example, there are very few photos with events that happened to my ancestors. And to my mind it's a huge problem.

Unfortunately, at that time there was not such a huge amount of technology that humanity currently possesses. Therefore, apart from memories that fade over time and a few black and white photographs that somehow support these memories, nothing remains of my ancestors.

It is a pity that the memories fade and unfortunately, it is no longer possible to restore the color...
That’s why we have developed our own blockchain and created an application - BENED WORLD CHRONICLE OF EVENTS.

This is a chronicle that people write themselves, speak different languages, profess different religions, and live in different parts of the globe.


You will be able to record any event in the blockchain with a hard time fixing, knowing that your events will not be disappeared.


Our app is a blockchain platform that will allow any user to upload events that are important for your family to the data warehouse, be it photos, videos or documents.

I really regret that at the time when my ancestors were alive, there was no such technology that would allow me to refresh the color of my memories.

I really want to believe that our children and descendants will never have such problems. Forming a family tree or quickly watching a video or photo from the blockchain as his ancestor takes the first steps will be a matter of seconds.

Consequently, in one or two hundred years, your descendants will easily be able to learn everything about you, see what you were like, and therefore always remember you, in fact, giving you immortality. After all, as long as a person is remembered, he is immortal.


You won't be able to delete or retouch a photo or event, and you won't be able to change the document you upload. And this is wonderful from the point of view that it will allow you to remain real, natural and sincere.

And this is the charm of the blockchain - your events will not be lost anywhere - because they are stored on a million devices around the world.

This way you will definitely leave your mark in


no censorship

And yet - the most important plus of our platform - there is no any censorship.

There is only truth here.

In order to leave your mark in chronicles, you need the BENED coin, which is used as fuel to upload files to the blockchain.

You can get coins absolutely free.
Further, you can create your own bot and distribute it to your friends and acquaintances and also receive coins. To mine new coins, it is enough to create your own passphrase and receive an incoming transaction from any active account.

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Well, now I would like to add a small fly in the ointment.
The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives forever and exposed some of the deepest social problems that no one had ever guessed.

Civil strife, local conflicts are blazing in the world, violence and dehumanization are multiplying. Vanity, envy, greed, material comfort and well-being are put at the forefront. "Man is a wolf to man" - probably this is how the basic principle of people's lives today can be characterized. Feud, local conflicts are blazing in the world, violence and dehumanization are multiplying. Vanity, envy, greed, material comfort and well-being are put at the forefront. "Dog eat dog" - probably this is how the basic principle of people's lives today can be characterized.

Once the great writer Remarque said the sad words that "the death of one person is a tragedy, and the death of millions is a statistic". It is still impossible to imagine that these words will become relevant at the present time, in the time of digital technologies and plans for the Mars colonization...

Everything seems just a terrible nightmare that you dream in the morning, and you understand that you will wake up now and everything will end... But, unfortunately, no... For some unthinkable reasons that can neither be justified, nor explained, nor understood, death has become a statistic ... No one could have imagined that the world could change so much. No one can predict what the future holds for us.

Perhaps people will let the genie out of the bottle and throw humanity back a thousand years, making it so that the world created by our ancestors for centuries will shatter into a myriad of fragments in an instant. People often make mistakes, and by correcting them make new ones – these are more fatal, the correction of which gives rise to other flaws, leading to an inevitable catastrophe.

But you should not think that this is a fall.
On the contrary – this is the way up! Because with each corrected mistake, our strength grows.

Perhaps our nearest future is predetermined, but I know for sure that what this future will become depends only on us and no one else!
I am sure that by turning to the memory of our ancestors, not repeating their mistakes and taking all the best as a basis, we will be able to change, restore and design an ideal future without hatred and aggression.

Thanks to the BENED WORLD CHRONICLE OF EVENTS , the past has not disappeared anywhere, it is with us.

And we are together. And the blessing of Emperor Constantine is with us!
Bened Wallet
BENED - Native application for creating cryptographic signatures for the Bened blockchain platform.