150 BLN
15 BLN



Final issue
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Initial issue
12/19/2021 - an initial emission in the amount of 10% of the final emission of BENED's cryptocurrency in the amount of 150 billion coins was made.
According to the memorandum published on the BENED.CC, the initial emission is divided into four parts:
11 BLN
850 MLN
150 MLN
11 BLN BND will be listed for sale on the exchanges, according to the scheme of 10 million coins per day.
3 BLN BND will be used for an advertising airdrop campaign for distribution - 2 BND coins to everyone.
850 MLN BND reserved to fund the payment of grants to developers building the Soldo infrastructure.
SOLDO KONSTANT LTD reserves 150 MLN BND for the PoS consensus network before the HardMinig software licenses are sold.
Final issue - 150 BLN
Initial issue - 15 BLN
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