Bened News Lists Bened (BND) Token With USDT Trading Pair

News, the world’s first social infused digital assets trading platform that supports over 500 high-quality digital assets and 800+ trading pairs, has listed Bened (BND) token with USDT trading pair under its Web3 Zone. By expanding its crypto listing services, has opened deposit and trading of BND/USDT for everyone to participate effortlessly.

Introducing Bened (BND) Token

BND is an open-source peer-to-peer proof-of-time stake cryptocurrency. As per the company, their advanced Soldo proof-of-time stake algorithm is an impeccable implementation of the "age of the coin" concept, which is resistant to all possible attacks on the blockchain in order to falsify transactions and generate new coins.  

What is more, the BND token community and anyone who is obsessed with cryptocurrency trading can now buy, hold, and sell BND token against USDT pair on with a few easy steps. Moreover, there are actually no restrictions on how much traders can trade BND/USDT on All you need is an internet connection. 

Moreover, by listing BND on its platform, aims to meet the emerging demand for crypto assets now and beyond without compromising compliance protocols. The BND/USDT trading on the exchange is one of the meticulously curated listings that have gone live on so far.

Besides onboarding BND tokens for trading, the team is actively working to roll out only the best and the most innovative tokens to enhance traders experience. Furthermore, the team highlighted that everyone is encouraged to trade BND on the go on and enjoy ultra-low pricing.

Jonathan Shih, the Country Manager of expressed his delight over the listing, “We are optimistic and excited as the Bened (BND) token is listed on the exchange. Together, we will work with Bened to push the ‘age of the coin’ concept of the BND token.”  

About Bened (BND)

Bened is a blockchain platform responsible for decentralized storage of recorded events. On top of the Bened blockchain, the events are loaded by burning BND coins in the proportion of 10BND per 1 kilobyte of event information. The total number of available coins is distributed in the genesis account in the form of a negative balance of anti-coins. The average block generation speed is 60 seconds. Transactions are considered safe after 10 confirmations.



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