Bened News


Dear friends!

A truly grandiose event took place today. Our company "SOLDO CONSTANT LTD" has completed the purchase and merger with the company "BEONPAY LTD".

The company "BEONPAY LTD" is a pioneer in the field of software development, data processing, as well as other activities in the field of information technology. We are very pleased that Mr. Dmitry Sokolov, who is the founder of BEONPAY LTD, has become our partner. Dmitry Sokolov is the holder of the certificate of the Cyprus Stock Exchange Commission and is included in the public register of certified persons CYSEC. In addition, Dmitry has long been an executive director of a company that is part of an international financial group headquartered in Vienna, providing brokerage and depository services and managing assets worth more than $ 1 billion. In addition, Dmitry has the necessary knowledge about the regulation of financial instrument markets and is well versed in the laws on the prevention and suppression of money laundering and securities laws.

But the most important and sacred event is that the Blessed island of Cyprus has become the location of our company.

After all, the history of Cyprus is the history not only of Greece, but also of the Eastern Roman Empire, with which many monuments and legends are associated, including those relating to the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great, who made the empire great again by reforming not only the church, but also the state. the financial system of the state: and again we recall the golden solid, the heir of which is BENED, introduced by the reforms of Constantine into circulation, which actually became the world reserve currency of late Antiquity.

During the reign of Constantine the Great, Cyprus was restored, and a new financial and commercial center of that time was created. And it was after the reign of Constantine the Great that trade routes from Italy, Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Antioch began to intersect here. That is, it is appropriate to say that the wealth of Cyprus was blessed, since the formation of the island dates back to that time, even despite subsequent earthquakes. We can also say that the new Cyprus of the IV century is the cradle of the wealth of the Roman Empire, the embodiment of the pan-European and Mediterranean culture of Byzantium.

We very much hope that the extensive knowledge of Mr. Dmitry Sokolov and the blessed air of Cyprus will allow us to embody the best traditions of the past and present and help us to gain the power of the golden solid in the future.

Join us, and may the Blessing of Constantine the Great be with us.