Bened News

Global Update 25.05

Hello Bened community!

We continue to follow our roadmap and have good news for you. You may have noticed that the blockchain has been slow for the past few days and not all nodes are available for transactions, do not worry about this, as this is part of our big plan to introduce innovations that will allow us to implement the global plans for the development of the project. So, news.

  1. Testing of BenedHASH functions is coming to an end, and we are fully ready to implement the technology of byte-by-byte encryption, recording and storage of any multimedia content directly in the Bened blockchain.
  2. In the next update, a mechanism for optimizing the blockchain and dividing it into volumes will be introduced. This will optimize data storage and make it possible to efficiently prun the blockchain once a year to ensure its fast and stable operation. Now the current database will always be no more than 10 gigabytes, and all previous volumes can be stored as archives.
  3. We received a lot of feedback from the community, consulted with many experts in the crypto industry and decided to improve the mining algorithms. After the update, you will be able to mine coins on your wallets without restrictions! Now mining coins will be available in the range of balances from 0.000001BND to 1000000000BND, and it will be possible to mine up to 100000000BND in one session, you no longer need to create many accounts to effectively mine Bened coins. And since you now have unlimited mining with which you can mine up to 30% of new coins per month, we will reduce the number of affiliate levels to 100. This is enough to earn more with less effort.

The update procedure will take place in two stages and will last approximately 96 hours. All you need to do is save the passphrases of your accounts and wait for the destruction procedure to complete and the separation of the first volume of the Bened blockchain. The procedure will start on May 26, 2023, we will inform you about the progress of the process via the telegram bot