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Hello, dear friends!

One can talk a lot about plans and ways of their realization, but as the man suggests, and God has! When we conceived our project, we spent many long and sleepless nights looking for a backround that would allow us to make a cool topic from scratch. And how do we think we found the middle! Well, how else? We have come to the origins of monetary reform, to Constantine the Great, who was not afraid, and was the first at that time to carry out a grand upheaval of that layer of monetary standard formed by centuries, and which subsequently shaped the economy of the Roman Empire, and then all of Europe for years to come, thus ushering in the world economy! Therefore, we adopted the gold standard in the guise of Solida and then its instrument - Soldo - Coins, which became synonymous with economic security and reliability. Soldo was so strong with his age-old popularity that he even resisted Napoleon Bonaparte’s monetary reform. In the age of wars, revolutions and cataclysms, it was the soldo that became one of the few means of uniting the people, confirming its name - solidus - durable!
But it turns out that nothing in this world is durable! We have received a request to us from colleagues dealing with financial transactions who, as it turned out, are right holders of the brand «Soldo» -! To say that for us preparing this project and taking as a basis the legacy of Constantine, this fact proved to be a blow - nothing to say! But we, confirming our name - strong - withstood the onslaught! Of course, with legal advice, we could go into a lawsuit knowing we’d win all the meetings, because it’s impossible to register a brand based on conventional words. We decided to do wiser - without arguing with anyone we rebranded. Now our new name is Bened of Benediction (blessing). In this way, we will continue to advance our project as planned.

On December 19, 2021, we launched a blockchain, extracting 15 mrds of coins, which is 10% of the total volume of coins. Nothing can stop us, because no matter what brand, no matter what the words, no matter what the ingredients, the only thing that matters is uniting, the more of us, the stronger we are! And we are together! And Constantine’s blessing is with us!

Boris Batalov