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Bened AirDrop - Win-win lottery

Bened AirDrop is a free distribution of coins on the principle of a win-win lottery.

Bened coins are distributed as vouchers.
Bened AirDrop Voucher
Bened coins are distributed as vouchers.

Vouchers denomination:

  • 0.95 BND
  • 2 BND
  • 10 BND
  • 100 BND
  • 1000 BND

Email with Bened Voucher

  • They are sent by e-mail for creating your own bot and sending it to your contacts.
  • For each new connection of the bot, up to 12 levels of followers.
  • The more activations you have, the higher the chance to win more vouchers.

The number of vouchers and their payment history is easy to view in the open blockchain event storage Bened.

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