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International experts tested the BenedHASH application in Nigeria


In early August, a digital affiliate marketing business summit was held at the International Trade Business Center in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. The guests of the event were delegations from Uzbekistan, India, South Africa, as well as Ireland

The organizers of the conference in Nigeria informed the guests of their intentions to make the Nigerian capital Abuja a global hub of digital technologies. At the two-day meeting, the topics of digital payments, affiliate marketing and international cooperation in the field of digitalization of human spheres of activity were discussed. In the near future, the Nigerian Digital Marketing Forum plans to merge with digital technology festivals under the brand “Affiliate World”. 

This year, the World Trade Center in Abuja had the honor to host a business delegation from the Republic of Uzbekistan, several major development teams from India, South Africa were represented by partner marketing experts, and the Bened project led by Boris Batalov, whose speech particularly impressed the guests of the summit, became the guest of honor from Ireland.

“Let me thank you for the warm welcome you have given us and for the fact that you
I really liked our project. Bened is primarily an open source blockchain-based philosophy that allows any user to download and store important information. You can record any
event in the blockchain, and your cryptographic signature will be a confirmation of the record.
We tried to combine security and hash functions, the use of which is in demand in various spheres of human life, for which we created the BenedHASH application. Bened tokens are used as fuel for uploading BenedHASH files to the blockchain. In simple terms, Bened is a platform for recording events in the real world. BenedHASH is a native application that allows you to sign any event/incident/state with a rigid fixation of the time and hashtag of the event. All
events are stored in a cryptographically protected blockchain database running in
peer-to-peer network and Java environment. I will not go into the professional side of the application of our platform, it can be used, for example, notaries - for duplicating registers with signatures of participants; emergency commissioners - for photographing accidents, lawyers - for signing contracts with the possibility of publicly requesting data from the blockchain, and many others. It seems to me that we have come up with something that is not yet close to the market. This is A WORLD CHRONICLE OF EVENTS. This is a chronicle written by people who speak different languages, professing different religions, and living in different parts of the globe. With the help of BenedHash, I am sure for sure, the past, present and future of you and your family existed, exists and will always exist.” - the leader of the Bened company told us about his project.

During the event, thanks to the active networking model of the summit, the participants reached a number of international business agreements. Someone has signed development contracts, someone has attracted experts, someone has used ready-made solutions. The areas of potential cooperation are identified, which include the environmental agenda, the preservation of cities and the historical urban landscape, the digitalization of communications between cultural and natural heritage, as well as cooperation with experts from Uzbekistan on the development of training programs for the popularization and accessibility of digital learning systems for new professions of the future, including banking products and the creation of multi-level super applications. 

The guests of the event noted the high level of the business summit and expressed their hopes for further meetings with experts on the basis of the Nigerian Digital Marketing Festival.